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COMPLIANCE UPDATE: Don’t Forget to Do This When Filing Your 2017 Tax Return

The Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate requires individuals to have health insurance coverage or pay a penalty. It is enforced each year on the individual’s federal tax return.


Presidents Wants ACA Cost-Sharing Payments to End: Senate Unveils New Proposal

On October 12, the White House announced that it will no longer reimburse health insurance carriers for ACA’s cost-sharing reductions made available through the health insurance marketplace...


The President’s New Executive Order: How Does it Affect ACA?

President Trump signed an executive order to begin dismantling the Affordable Care Act (ACA), after Congress’ failure to repeal it earlier this year. The order, signed on October 12, 2017, is...


Update: Final Forms for 2017 ACA Reporting

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has released the final 2017 ACA reporting forms under IRS Code Sections 6055 and 6056.


Graham-Cassidy Healthcare Bill Fails

The Republican’s last-ditch effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has failed. They had until September 30 to fast-track a healthcare bill, needing 50 votes to pass and they could only...

On-site Clinics, HSA Eligibility, and IRS Guidance

Due to the potential tax savings to an individual who uses an HSA (Health Savings Account), federal law imposes strict eligibility requirements for HSA eligibility/contributions. To establish an...


Republicans Make Last Ditch Effort to Repeal ACA

Republicans have until September 30 (the end of the government’s fiscal year) to get a healthcare bill approved before their fast-tracking rule expires (preventing Democrats from blocking the...

Why Your Health Insurance Renewal Should Never be a Surprise

There are good surprises – finding $5 in your jeans, winning the lottery, and hearing from an old friend. And then there are bad surprises – breaking your leg, getting into a fender bender, and...


Fraudulent Unemployment Claims Are on the Rise

Betsy, the Benefit Coordinator at a small school district, was opening her mail and came across a (Monetary Determination) letter from the unemployment office. The letter discussed the eligibility...

Do Your Benefits Complement or Compete with Each Other? The Importance of Benefit Integration

Employee benefit integration is taking a step back and looking at the whole picture. Do you know how all of your benefits work together? Think of your employee benefits package as a house....