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Employee Benefit News for School, City and County Employers


The Income Insurance Gap

There is a growing income coverage gap in the U.S. workforce, with 30% of households experiencing income-disrupting events. Communicating the importance of income protection to employees is crucial...


May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month

3 minute read

In honor of Disability Insurance Awareness Month, it is crucial to grasp the significance of disability insurance and its value.

Attraction and Retention Survey Shows Voluntary Benefits Trend

2 minute read

In November 2023, Zywave conducted a nationwide survey with over 130 employers from various industries to gather insights on attraction, retention challenges, and voluntary benefits...

Low and No-cost Employee Benefits to Enhance Your Workplace

3 minute read

Employee benefits are crucial for organizational success, enhancing job satisfaction, retention rates, and overall morale. Despite budget constraints, low- and no-cost benefits can...

Many Employers Enhancing Leave Programs

1.5 minute read

A survey by Willis Towers Watson (WTW) revealed that 84% of U.S. employers are changing their leave programs over the next two years. The 2023 survey revealed that attraction,...

Enhancing the Effectiveness of Employee Assistance Programs

1 minute read

Employee assistance programs (EAPs) are often underutilized, despite their potential to boost employee well-being, satisfaction, performance, and health. According to Mental Health...

Average Salary Increase in 2024 Increases 4%

1.5 minute read

According to the latest Salary Budget Planning Survey conducted by WTW, U.S. employers are gearing up to provide a salary increase of 4% in 2024. This surpasses the 3.1% increase in...

2024 Employee Benefit Trends

4 minute read

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, employers have faced challenges in attracting and retaining employees. The labor market will cool slightly in 2024, but competition for talent will remain....

2023 Year-End Employee Benefit Plan Checklist

1 minute read

As we approach the end of the year, it's important for employers to stay on top of compliance requirements for their employee benefit plans. There are several tasks related to benefits...

Enhance Employee Engagement and Satisfaction with Financial Wellness Programs

1.5 minute read

Employers are starting to recognize that employee well-being is important to achieving long-term success. Financial wellness programs have become a valuable tool for employers to...