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Employee Benefit News for School, City and County Employers

Steve Smith

Steve Smith, Employee Benefits Consultant for National Insurance Services, has his energy level permanently set at “high.” His maxim is “work hard, play hard." In addition to coaching youth basketball and his relentless addiction to volunteering, Steve’s community service and political activities make him an expert in stirring the groundswell and getting groups of people working together for a higher cause. Minnesota schools, cities, and counties rely on Steve’s unique and creative ideas of engaging employees in their own health and wellness to lower utilization trends. He has a background in the health insurance field doing compliance, cost mitigation, utilization, analytics, wellness plans, and strategic planning. Steve is a licensed insurance agent and is Medicare Certified. He holds the designations for Managed Healthcare Professional (The Health Insurance Association of America), Certified Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Professional (National Association of Health Underwriters), and Group Benefits Disability Specialist (Hartford School of Insurance). Steve is a member of the Minnesota Assocation of Health Underwriters (MAHU). He specializes in Employee Benefits Consulting for Minnesota schools, cities, and counties including fully insured, self-insured, and stop-loss plans.

Recent Articles by Steve Smith


Preventative Care for HDHPs is Expanded to Include Chronic Conditions

2 minute read

The IRS has expanded the scope of preventative care benefits for some chronic conditions that can be provided by high deductible health plans (HDHP) without a deductible.

Spousal Surcharges: A New Way Public Sector Employers Are Keeping Health Costs Down

1 minute read

Some public sector employers are making significant changes to their spousal health benefit offerings. According to the 2018 International Foundation of Employee Benefits Survey,...

What You Need to Know About Offering a Tobacco Surcharge

2 minute read

Some employers may offer a smoking cessation program to help their employees stop smoking and refrain from using tobacco products. The program may include a tobacco surcharge to...

The Six Benefits of Telemedicine

2 minute 30 second read

More and more, public sector organizations are adding telemedicine providers as an alternative way to receive acute care for run-of-the mill illnesses like colds and flu....


3 Ways Employers Can Reach Out During the Opioid Crisis

2 minute read

The opioid crisis in the United States has reached alarming peaks. The extent of its reach may have touched someone you know, whether it’s a co-worker, spouse, or other family...

5 Ways to Engage Employees in Your Wellness Program

More and more, public sector employers are investing in wellness programs hoping to slow down health insurance premium escalation. A healthier workforce can lead to a reduction in claims, fewer...

Final Wellness Plan Rules Remove Incentive Limits

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has removed the incentive limits from its final wellness plan rules effective January 1, 2019. The rules had allowed employers to offer wellness...


Minnesota Schools: Are you ready for HITA?

If you’re a school district in Minnesota, you might be getting ready to fulfill your Health Insurance Transparency and Accountability (HITA) statutory requirement. Not sure where to begin? Here’s...

Different People, Different Needs: Using Generational Messaging to Discuss Benefits

Your organization is a melting pot of employees from different generations and life stages. While one employee is planning to expand their family, another one is moving towards retirement.

Claim Analysis: A Prescription for your Health Insurance

When’s the last time your health insurance plan had a check-up? Do you know what your loss ratio is? Are you paying more premiums than you should? If you don’t know the answer to these questions,...