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Employee Benefit News for School, City and County Employers

Maximizing Mental Health Benefits

2 minute read

Employers are recognizing the importance of prioritizing mental health benefits in light of the challenges posed by inflation and increasing healthcare costs. The well-being of...

Making Health Care More Affordable for Employees

2.5 minute read

Nearly half of Americans struggle to afford health care, with about 4 in 10 saying they have delayed or gone without care due to cost, according to The Kaiser Family Foundation. On...

Why U.S. Workers Aren't Taking Advantage of Their Paid Sick Leave

1.5 minute read

According to a new study, American workers are hesitant to use their paid sick leave, even if they are truly sick. Nine out of ten employees said they worked while sick during the...

Insured Adults Face Challenges in Accessing Mental Health Care

1 minute read

Amid a shortage of mental health care professionals, many patients are struggling to find mental health care services. A recent survey found that nearly 43% of insured adults who rated...

Workplace Mental Health

Toxic work culture can seriously impact mental health, with 1 in 4 workers affected. Companies must provide resources for employees' mental well-being to foster a healthy work environment. Click the...

How Happiness and Health are Linked

1.5 minute read

Happiness is defined as “an emotion of joy, gladness, satisfaction, and well-being” by the American Psychological Association. Most people want a happy and fulfilling life. Happiness...


The Advantages of Virtual Mental Health Care

1.5 minute read

More than one in five Americans live with a mental illness. An estimated 122 million Americans live in areas that have a shortage of mental health professionals. Many may postpone or...


The Mental Health Stigma in the Workplace

4 minute read

The stigma associated with mental health affects many who live with mental health challenges. Mental health stigma in the workplace can be harmful and cause organization mental health...

Survey Reveals Work Has Negative Impact on Employee Mental Health

1 minute read

A recent SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) survey found that 1 in 3 U.S. employees say their job has had a negative impact in their health over the past six months. Enhancing...


Mental Health and Self-Care

1.5 minute read

Self-care has a direct correlation to mental health. Self-care can be defined as activities done intentionally to make a positive impact on your physical, mental, and emotional...