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Employee Benefit News for School, City and County Employers

Low and No-cost Employee Benefits to Enhance Your Workplace

3 minute read

Employee benefits are crucial for organizational success, enhancing job satisfaction, retention rates, and overall morale. Despite budget constraints, low- and no-cost benefits can...

Empowering and Nurturing Caregivers in the Workplace

2.5 minute read

In 2023, 38 million Americans provided unpaid care for loved ones, impacting their mental, physical, and financial health, leading to decreased workplace productivity. Unfortunately,...

Many Employers Enhancing Leave Programs

1.5 minute read

A survey by Willis Towers Watson (WTW) revealed that 84% of U.S. employers are changing their leave programs over the next two years. The 2023 survey revealed that attraction,...

How Obesity Impacts the Workplace

3 minute read

Obesity is a global health epidemic with significant challenges for employers and workplaces, including decreased productivity and increased healthcare costs.

Enhancing the Effectiveness of Employee Assistance Programs

1 minute read

Employee assistance programs (EAPs) are often underutilized, despite their potential to boost employee well-being, satisfaction, performance, and health. According to Mental Health...

2024 Employee Benefit Trends

4 minute read

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, employers have faced challenges in attracting and retaining employees. The labor market will cool slightly in 2024, but competition for talent will remain....

2024 Health Plan Compliance Issues

4.5 minute read

Employers should be aware of the compliance issues impacting their health plan coverage in 2024, including expanded electronic reporting requirements under the ACA and anticipated...

The Physical and Mental Toll of High Health Care Costs

1 minute read

Over half of consumers feel stress when paying medical bills and more than 9 in 10 say these payments have impacted their mental and physical health, according to a study from PayMedix....

Effective Strategies for Maximizing Mental Health Benefits

3 minute read

In fast-paced work environments, mental health is vital. Employees who are mentally well are more productive, engaged, and satisfied. Mental health treatment, including therapy and...

More Employers Offering Fertility Benefits

2.5 minute read

Working and family are two very important aspects of an employee’s life. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) one in six people struggle with fertility issues. The stress...