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Employee Benefit News for School, City and County Employers

Creating a Multigenerational Benefit Plan

2 minute read

Open enrollment is a great way to educate your workforce about your benefits. Offering an attractive package can help boost employee retention, satisfaction, and engagement. Age can...

Making Health Care More Affordable for Employees

2.5 minute read

Nearly half of Americans struggle to afford health care, with about 4 in 10 saying they have delayed or gone without care due to cost, according to The Kaiser Family Foundation. On...

Workplace Burnout: The Silent Epidemic

1.5 minute read

Employee burnout can have severe consequences for retention and productivity which can impact an employer’s bottom line. A survey by Ringover found that nearly three in four (74%) of...

Affordability Percentage Decreases for 2024

1.5 minute read

The IRS recently announced the affordability percentage that will apply under the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) pay or play rules for plan years beginning in 2024. Employer sponsored...

2024 Open Enrollment and Inflation

2 minute read

Inflation is causing many employees to feel financially strained. This may impact the choices employees make on their benefits during open enrollment.

U.S. Families Struggling with Rising Child Care Costs

1.5 minute read

For the 10th year in a row, child care costs have risen, according to the Cost of Care Report. Of 3,000 parents surveyed, 67% are spending 20% of their annual income or more on child...

2024 Open Enrollment Benefit Notices

3.5 minute read

Employers should be providing certain benefit notices to their employees at open enrollment time. This includes the summary of benefits and coverage (SBC). Other notices must be...

It’s Time for Early Preparation for 2024 Open Enrollment

3 minute read

The first part of 2023 was a roller coaster ride for employers, with a record number of employees quitting, a rise in talent shortages, and increased workplace demands from employees....

Open Enrollment and Young Employees

3 minute read

Many employees need help with open enrollment, but this can especially be true with younger workers. They typically have less experience choosing benefits than their older workforce...


The Future of Work: Trends Shaping Employee Experience in 2023

1.5 minute read

A recent report shows that workforce changes impacting organizations in 2023. It showcases a shift in employer practices, with a decrease in job openings and offers, and a heightened...