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Workplace Burnout: The Silent Epidemic

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Employee burnout can have severe consequences for retention and productivity which can impact an employer’s bottom line. A survey by Ringover found that nearly three in four (74%) of U.S. workers suffered from burnout and associated symptoms including feeling tired, drained, helpless, or detached. Nearly 2/3 of surveyed employees reported they considered leaving their job due to burnout.


Survey Results

The leading causes of burnout included:

  • Heavy workload - 43%
  • Lack of resources - 36.9%
  • Micromanagement - 36.6%
  • Toxic work environment - 34.5%

Burnout was most prevalent among workers aged 18 to 24 with 85% reporting burnout or associated symptoms. Only half of workers aged 55-64 felt the same.

Men were more likely to report burnout symptoms than woman and were also more likely to consider leaving their job.

Top industries for burnout included agriculture (84.38% felt burnt out), finance and insurance (82.5%), and information publishing and telecommunications (81.38%).


Employer Takeaway

Burnout can be found across all U.S. industries, and it increases the employers’ risk of high turnover rates. The survey found that proactive rest can dramatically increase employee happiness and reduce burnout feelings. Proactive rest means allowing employees to choose flexible working patterns such as mandatory lunch breaks, four-day work weeks, and remote work opportunities. Employees who receive opportunities for flexibility and rest during the work week may see increased employee retention, satisfaction, and productivity. Download the bulletin for more details.


Additional Resource

Mental Health Resources

5 ways to support employee mental health


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