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A Manager’s Impact on Mental Health

A Manager’s Impact on Mental Health

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A report by The Workforce Institute at UKG has revealed that managers impact employee mental health more than therapists and doctors. They surveyed 3,400 people in 10 countries including the United States.


Key Survey Findings

According to the survey, work impacts employee mental health. Here are some key findings:

  • Managers have just as much of an impact on employee mental health as a spouse or partner (69%)
  • Work influences mental health the most, according to 60% of employees
  • Mental health is valued over a high-paying job by most employees (81%), and 64% would take a pay cut for a job if it better supported their mental wellness
  • Work stress negatively impacts employees’ home life (71%), well-being (64%) and relationships (62%)

Research also identified that managers are often more stressed than their team members and senior leadership. Employers should be inclusive in their mental health support and remember managers in their efforts too.


Employer Action

Workers want more mental health support from their managers and employers. Supporting employees can help bolster attraction and retention efforts. Employers can build supportive work environments by building empathy, being authentic, and listening actively to their employees.

Download the bulletin for more details.



Mental Health Resources

5 ways to support employee mental health


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Valerie Ortiz

Valerie Ortiz

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