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Preventing Holiday Burnout

preventing holiday burnout

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According to Microsoft research, nearly half of employees have reported that they are burnt out at work. Burnout is defined as workplace stress that hasn’t been adequately managed. With the holiday season quickly approaching, there’s the additional stress of managing finances, gift-giving, family obligations, etc. Burnout can feel unbearable this time of year.

Here are some ways to avoid burnout and manage it and enjoy the holiday season.


Tips to Help Prevent Burnout

Maintain Boundaries

Set up some boundaries between the time you take to do things and the time you need to rest. Start by avoiding overcommitment by scaling back on tasks and having a firm end time for parties. Boundaries protect your emotions and physical space. Don’t feel guilty about scaling back and setting time limits. The less stress you have to endure, the more fun the overall experience will be.


Set Realistic Expectations

No matter what your holiday to-do list looks like, it’s essential to keep it realistic, you can’t do it all. Don’t overcommit yourself. Think about breaking down your goals into digestible tasks, set timelines, and reward yourself for checking items off your list.


Take Time to Recharge

Recharging can help alleviate burnout. Make sure to take time for yourself by taking walks, reading, or spending time with friends and family. Taking time for yourself helps to create a balanced schedule by focusing on more than just work and the holidays.


Start Early

No matter what your holiday plans, spreading out your tasks and starting early can help with stress levels. This includes things like sending invitations to parties weeks ahead of time, making necessary purchases in advance, and decorating a few days before your event.



You can manage the holiday season by setting realistic expectations, starting early on holiday tasks, maintaining boundaries, and taking time to recharge. If you are experiencing severe burnout, reach out to a doctor or medical health professional.

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