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Deadline Extension: EEO-1 Filing Report

Please note that the following article only applies to those public sector groups with a government contract.

Due to the federal government shutdown, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has extended the deadline for employers to submit their EEO-1 Reports for 2018. The new deadline is now May 31, 2019.

The EEO-1 Report is an annual federally mandated survey that collects workforce data from employees including race, gender, ethnicity, and job category. The information is then used by the EEOC to enforce federal laws against employment discrimination and discriminatory pay practices.

Usually, the EEO-1 Report is due by March 31st of each year. The government shutdown delayed the opening of the online filing system used to submit 2018 reports. The EEO-1 Filing System is expected to become available for 2018 submissions in early March 2019. Employers should monitor the EEO-1 website about filing requirements and when the system will be open for 2018 Reports.

For more information, download the bulletin.

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Bill Enright

Bill Enright

Bill Enright, Director of Consulting Services for National Insurance Services, Inc. (NIS), coordinates and works with NIS’ Market Development Teams to enhance our full-service employee benefits capabilities. Bill’s expertise enables the NIS team to deliver customized, innovative employee benefits plans for schools, cities, towns, and counties. Bill is a 27+ year industry veteran with employee benefits expertise from insurance carrier to benefits consultant to Director of Consulting Services for NIS. He believes in bottom-line honesty while empowering NIS Consultants and customers with the knowledge they need to feel confident in their decisions. He has been published on the topic of healthcare reform and has served on advisory committees and insurance reform lobbying groups at the state and national level.