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Complex Health Benefits Can Affect Employee Productivity and Morale

Complex Health Benefits Can Affect Employee Productivity and Morale

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Many people may need help understanding their options during open enrollment and when receiving health services. According to a Quantum Health survey, 8 out of 10 people said they faced challenges when receiving care. The study showed that these challenges were worsened by benefit complexity.

The study shows that a vast majority of people reported facing hurdles in the past two years when receiving care. These challenges included understanding coverage levels, locating providers, and navigating the insurance claims process. Individuals with chronic conditions had additional challenges such as making sense of diagnoses or test results.

Here are other key survey findings:

  • 57% reported suffering negative impacts from such challenges including:
    • Declined mental well-being (19%)
    • Declined physical well-being (17%)
  • 45% of respondents said it’s easy to use their health benefits
  • 35% said it’s easy to navigate the health care system
  • 60% spent work time dealing with health care challenges (averaging 30 minutes an issue)

The findings point to a critical need for greater health care literacy and benefits 101 education. Employers may need to refocus their efforts if only half of employees can effectively use/understand their benefits. Benefit education is a great way to help reduce employee confusion and maximize benefit value. This includes using multichannel communication resources including emails, videos, posters, benefit guides, group presentations, etc.

Implementing an online enrollment and benefit administration system is another way employees can find benefit support. Access is available 24/7, a variety of benefit resources are available, and many offer one-on-one enrollment counselors who walk through all benefits with the employee. NIS offers one such system called NIS Enroll.

As the study showed, it’s simply not enough to provide world-class benefits; employers must also ensure employees can tap into the value by properly educating their workforces. Doing any less can lead to declined employee well-being, productivity, and morale.

Download the bulletin for more details.

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Mari Wagner

Mari Wagner

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