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2019 Vision Insurance Trends for Public Sector Employers

vision trends for 2019

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Taking care of your health also means taking care of your eyes. That’s what a teacher from a Nebraska school district discovered when her optometrist found something unusual during a routine eye exam. She followed up with her primary care physician and learned she had MS. She was thankful that her employer offered vision insurance as part as her benefits package.

When employees utilize their vision insurance and receive their annual eye exam, everyone wins. These exams are a preventative care measure which can help detect risks for health issues such as high cholesterol, diabetes, and glaucoma. Catching these issues early and getting timely treatment can help prevent larger health issues from becoming a costly headache.

The good news is vision insurance carriers are now offering new, appealing options such as:

  • Laser surgery coverage
  • Blue light protection: Protecting eyes from the blue light emitted from fluorescent lights, computers, and smart phones
  • Glasses allowance can be used for non-prescription eyewear (sunglasses) for those who don’t need glasses
  • Telemedicine offerings: Do-it-yourself eyewear applications, physician-led online virtual exams, and basic exams to check your visual acuity

And offering vision insurance to your employees doesn’t have to take a hit to your budget. Many employers offer it as a voluntary benefit.

Contact your NIS Representative if you have any questions. Read the full article.

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Steve Ott

Steve Ott

Steve Ott is a licensed insurance agent and Registered Representative with Series 6 and 63 securities licenses. He values hard work and determination – traits he learned while growing up on a farm in central Nebraska and later from participating in collegiate sports. Living life with integrity, doing the right thing, and giving back are core principles instilled by his parents and several mentors. Because of these learned values and his work ethic, Steve quickly rose to his current position, Regional Vice President, after starting with National Insurance Services in 1996 as an Account Representative. Steve specializes in Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Special Pay Plans (SPP) , HRAs, and 403(b)s for school districts, cities, and counties in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and South Dakota.