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Final Wellness Plan Rules Remove Incentive Limits

wellness plan incentives

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has removed the incentive limits from its final wellness plan rules effective January 1, 2019. The rules had allowed employers to offer wellness incentives of up to 30% of the cost of health plan coverage.

Employers may continue to offer incentives to employees who participate in wellness programs. However, employers should be careful about structuring incentives for wellness programs that ask for health information or involve medical exams.

The EEOC is planning to publish new proposed regulations on employer-sponsored wellness programs sometime in 2019. Stay tuned to our blog and we’ll monitor any new developments related to the EEOC’s rules. For more information, download the bulletin.

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Steve Smith

Steve Smith

Steve Smith, Employee Benefits Consultant for National Insurance Services, has his energy level permanently set at “high.” His maxim is “work hard, play hard." In addition to coaching youth basketball and his relentless addiction to volunteering, Steve’s community service and political activities make him an expert in stirring the groundswell and getting groups of people working together for a higher cause. Minnesota schools, cities, and counties rely on Steve’s unique and creative ideas of engaging employees in their own health and wellness to lower utilization trends. He has a background in the health insurance field doing compliance, cost mitigation, utilization, analytics, wellness plans, and strategic planning. Steve is a licensed insurance agent and is Medicare Certified. He holds the designations for Managed Healthcare Professional (The Health Insurance Association of America), Certified Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Professional (National Association of Health Underwriters), and Group Benefits Disability Specialist (Hartford School of Insurance). Steve is a member of the Minnesota Assocation of Health Underwriters (MAHU). He specializes in Employee Benefits Consulting for Minnesota schools, cities, and counties including fully insured, self-insured, and stop-loss plans.