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Many Employees Postponing Health Care Due to Costs

man sitting at desk holding his neck in pain

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A study by Paytient found that 40% of workers delay health care due to costs, impacting their mental health and productivity.

Despite having access to health benefits, many Americans are delaying care, impacting their overall well-being. Participants in the study had above-average incomes, with nearly one-fifth earning over $100,000 annually. Here are some key takeaways:

  • 1 in 6 employees said their work suffered due to a health issue they couldn’t address. Of those workers:
    • 69% were distracted by pain at work
    • 31% lied to their boss about what they did while dealing with delayed care consequences
    • 19% worked two jobs at the same time to make money to pay for health care
  • 17% of workplace-insured Americans left their jobs for better health care benefits
  • 69 million workplace-insured Americans primarily self-paid for care without exceeding their deductible in 2023

Employees pay an average of $8,435 annually for health care plans, leading many to question its value. Americans collectively have $220 billion in medical debt, prompting cost considerations and care decisions.


Employer Takeaways

Having employer-sponsored health insurance doesn't guarantee American workers can afford necessary healthcare, leading to delayed care and negative health outcomes. Employers can ensure employees access and pay for healthcare affordably, as highlighted in the Paytient study. They should monitor healthcare trends, utilization, and spending. Download the bulletin for more details.

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Scott Fritz

Scott Fritz

Scott Fritz always has a willingness to help others, which has made him an ideal candidate for working in the public sector benefits arena throughout his career. He’s a team player and enjoys strategizing, problem solving, and finding effective cost-saving solutions for his clients. As an Employee Benefit Consultant with National Insurance Services, Scott is responsible for the overall assessment and management of an employer’s benefit plans. He is a licensed insurance agent and works with schools, cities, counties, and community mental health organizations in Michigan and North Carolina.