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Record Number of Americans Delayed Medical Care in 2022

Record Number of Americans Delayed Medical Care in 2022

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A record number of Americans postponed medical care in 2022 according to the annual Gallup poll. Thirty-eight percent of respondents stated that they or a family member postponed care in 2022, compared to 26% in 2021. Many cited inflation for creating hardships for them and impacting their decision to delay care.

Americans were more than twice as likely to report the delayed treatment in their family was for a serious rather than a nonserious condition or illness. Lower-income adults, younger adults (aged 18-49), and women have consistently been more likely than their counterparts to say they or a family member have delayed care for a serious condition.

Employers can help workers struggling with health care costs by sharing these tips:

  • Seek preventative care, including screenings and immunizations, which are often covered at no cost
  • Consider the deductible and opt for additional treatments once the deductible has been hit to save costs
  • Use in-network providers to control the cost of health care services
  • Boost health literacy by being an engaged patient and asking providers questions about alternatives options, treatments, and cost

Employers should continue to monitor health care trends, utilization, and spending. Download the bulletin for more details.

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Ashley Veenendaal

Ashley Veenendaal

Ashley Veenendaal’s energy and enthusiasm are the first things you notice about her. She’s a problem solver who doesn’t mind going out of her way to help a customer. “I aim to provide the solution that works for them,” says Ashley, “not the one that’s easiest for me.” Ashley has worked at National Insurance Services in a variety of positions including the Billing, Underwriting, and the (Customer) Service Department. As the Full Benefits Consulting (FBC) Service Supervisor, she oversees the FBC Client Relations team, streamlining and improving implementation processes, and working on various departmental projects. Ashley is a licensed insurance agent with a Group Benefits Disability Specialist (GBDS) designation.