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Manage Employee Burnout with Meaningful Connections

Manage Employee Burnout with Meaningful Connections

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Employee burnout, the state of physical, emotional, or mental exhaustion, has become more prevalent because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, the number of people who sought help for anxiety increased 93% from the previous year, according to Mental Health America.

Establishing meaningful connections with your co-workers and managers is one way to prevent burnout. According to a Harvard University Professor, the people who handle stress the best are those who focus on their social connections during difficult times. Here are some ways to cultivate connections to help you fight burnout.


Discuss Your Well-Being

Some companies have a weekly wellness check-in where employees can voice their current concerns. This may include addressing things you are struggling with. Letting your manager know your concerns can help them determine workload or understand why your performance may be different than usual.


Stay Connected

Whether you are tired from commuting, apprehensive about returning to work due to COVID-19 risks, or have other concerns, working remotely can be beneficial in preventing burnout. However, it’s important to stay connected when you aren’t physically working around others. Connecting with others can prevent you from feeling isolated when you are not working on-site and, in turn, help you fight burnout.


Talk to Your Co-Workers

While your co-workers may not want to share all their personal struggles, checking in on their well-being is important. When you understand how they are feeling, you can better understand their actions and performance. Ultimately, checking in with co-workers is an important step in improving workplace communication, which often leads to less stress.



During the pandemic, feelings of stress and anxiety may have led to feelings of burnout. You can help prevent burnout by voicing your struggles, communicating with your co-workers, and building more meaningful connections. Download the bulletin for more details.

6 signs of employee burnout

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Mari Wagner

Mari Wagner

The greatest badge of success for Mari Wagner is when her customers reach out and let her know how appreciative they are of her help and services. Mari is dependable, driven, committed, and enjoys meeting new people. Mari joined the National Insurance Services (NIS) team after working with NIS for several years on mutual clients benefit plans. She finds that NIS has similar values and mindset to her own. As an Account Manager, Mari works with schools, cities, and counties in the Midwest Region. She is a licensed insurance agent with a background in sales, wellness, managing insurance pools, marketing, and consulting.