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Family-Building Benefits

family building benefits

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In a post pandemic world, benefits matter more now than ever to employees. The latest employee benefit to gain popularity are family-building benefits. Family-building benefits can offer holistic support to employees as they navigate their pathway to parenthood. The pandemic has only added to the worries and challenges for people trying to build their families, as lockdowns presented challenges to adoption, surrogacy, as well as most fertility treatments being stalled in 2020. Offering family-building benefits provide peace of mind as employers demonstrate their emotional and financial support for employees’ decisions to build a family.

Here are some common family-building benefits:

  • Fertility treatments – According to the CDC, one in eight couples struggle to get pregnant or sustain a pregnancy. Fertility treatments can help. Fertility benefits may cover anything from an infertility diagnosis and medication to IUI (intrauterine insemination) and IVF (in vitro fertilization) procedures. Due to high procedural costs, traditional coverage plans typically cover diagnostic or genetic testing and maybe one round of IUI or a partial round of IVF.
  • Donors and Surrogacy – Many same-sex couples, single people, or couples with fertility issues may choose to use donor sperm, donor eggs or embryos, and surrogates if they want to have a baby. These benefits typically take the form of cash reimbursements.
  • Adoption – Adoption benefits are typically like those offered to new biological parents. They might include financial assistance from the employer or paid or unpaid leave for adoption.

There are also employer advantages to offering these types of services including boosted employee retention, increased employee productivity, inclusive employee support, and reduction in health care costs and improved outcomes.

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Megan Ware

Megan Ware

Megan Ware is an outgoing and energetic person who loves meeting new people. Customers appreciate how attentive she is to their requests and how quickly the situation gets resolved. She comes from a family who works in the public sector, so she is happy that her role at National Insurance Services can help people just like her own. As Territory Manager, Megan works with Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota school districts, cities, counties, and hospitals. She is also responsible for establishing relationships with agents and expanding NIS’ presence in western states. Megan is a licensed insurance agent and specializes in life, disability, dental, and vision insurance. She has both a PPACA (Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act) certification and a GBDS (Group Benefits Disability Specialist) designation.