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Employers Looking to Change Health and Well-Being Vendors in the Next 2 Years

Employers Looking to Change Health and Well-Being Vendors in the Next Two Years

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According to a recent Willis Towers Watson report, 88% of the 232 U.S. employers surveyed are seeking new health and wellness vendors. They are changing vendors to better meet their workers’ needs and improve overall workforce health. Many are looking to add, enhance, or end a range of health and well-being solutions and services or to partner with a new vendor in the future. The employers surveyed collectively employ 3 million workers.

Survey Results

Results showed that these employers have already made or are planning to make the following changes to their vendor partnerships:

  • Well-being programs and services – 55% of employers have plans to modify their well-being programs and services over the next two years.
  • Point solutions for clinical conditions – 42% of employers intend to make changes to their point solutions for clinical conditions, including maternity and fertility, musculoskeletal disease, and diabetes.
  • Mental health solutions – 37% of employers plan to alter their mental health offerings such as clinical and pharmacy solutions and employee assistance programs.
  • Digital platforms – 43% of employers are planning to change their digital platform in the next few years. These changes include creating digital hubs and health information portals.
    Navigation and advocacy programs – 40% of employers plan to modify their navigation and advocacy programs including clinical guidance and expert medical opinions.

Mental health and general well-being were ranked as the top focus areas for vendor solutions over the next two years, with financial health ranking fifth.


Employer Takeaways

Many employers are using vendors to design comprehensive and competitive employee benefit packages and deliver cost savings. They are searching for vendors that can provide benefits and wellness programs, drive innovation, integrate with their existing benefits, and provide savings.

Employers may want to evaluate their current vendor partnerships to see how their solutions are working, how satisfied employees are, and their return on investment. It’s important to continually monitor vendor utilization, health care trends, and partnerships.

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Emily Halter-Kinter

Emily Halter-Kinter

Emily Halter-Kinter looks for ways, either large or small, to make a difference each day. She’s outgoing and really loves what she does. Emily enjoys working closely with her clients to provide the best care. As Account Manager for National Insurance Services, Emily works with schools, cities, and counties in Wisconsin on their health insurance, wellness plans, benefit communication, and retirement incentives. She oversees new client implementation, takes policy-related questions, and meets directly with clients to explain their benefits. Emily is a licensed insurance agent and has over 20 years of insurance experience.