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Business Relationships Help Schools Fund Projects

school-business partnership

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Many school districts don’t have the funding for all the projects they’d like to complete in a given year. Whether it may be uniforms, books, or a new scoreboard, some items may be shelved for next year or permanently placed on a wish list.

Establishing school-business partnerships is one way that schools can acquire extra support or funding. A school administrator can reach out to local businesses and establish a relationship. Through that relationship, businesses may offer direct funding, goods, or services.

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The partnership is a win-win for both parties. The children receive an improved educational experience, while the business itself increases their community image and enhances their goodwill.

The partnership between Sunrise Family Credit Union and Essexville-Hampton Public Schools, in Essexville, Michigan is one good example. Last year, the credit union purchased new accounting books for the school. This year, the credit union provided the funding to re-surface their gym floor, something the school would not have been able to afford on their current budget.

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Jason Rushton

Jason Rushton

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