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Employee Benefit News for School, City and County Employers

Mark Williams

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Mark Williams knows the challenges facing his public sector clients. Coming from a family of teachers, he understands how important benefits can be, but he also understands the political and financial realities school administrators face. That’s why Mark and National Insurance Services (NIS) are a great fit. Mark shares in the NIS values of outstanding service and innovative solutions; or as he says, “Doing what you say you’re going to do.” As Vice President of Partnerships and Associations, Mark will be identifying, developing, and nurturing strategic opportunities to bring our insurance products to even more public sector entities across the U.S. He is a licensed insurance agent and has won numerous awards for his leadership and sales achievements. Mark has also founded and chaired a mentoring program to help managers develop their leadership skills.

Recent Articles by Mark Williams

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2.5 minute read

The pandemic has tested the limits of every organization from resilience, adaptability, and the trust between managers and their employees.


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What the 9/11 Commission Had to Say about Life Insurance Coverage

A topic no one wants to consider. Our own death. When the unexpected happens, how will your family survive if your income is no longer coming in? How will they pay the mortgage, funeral expenses,...


7 Best Practices When Initiating Change in Your Organization

Change can be hard.


5 Considerations for Organizational Change Management

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