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Anxiety is the Primary Mental Health Concern Affecting Employees

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ComPsych, a leading mental health provider, has identified anxiety as the primary mental health concern affecting employees. Nearly one-quarter of the individuals reaching out to ComPsych for mental health support in 2023 were seeking assistance with anxiety. ComPsych handled over 300,000 cases for American workers last year.

Anxiety levels have seen a significant surge in recent years, surpassing even depression, stress, relationship issues, addiction, and grief to become the top mental health concern. Mental health experts anticipated this rise in anxiety among Americans, which is expected to present ongoing challenges for both employees and employers.

ComPsych recently reported a 33% increase in mental health-related leaves of absence in 2023 compared to 2022. Mental health-related absences have surged by 300% from 2017 to 2023, with female employees and younger workers being predominantly affected.


Employer Takeaway

Rising mental health issues among American workers call for organizations to review and promote the use of mental health benefits, including employee assistance programs, and educate employees on available resources. Download the bulletin for more details.

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Leah Boedigheimer

Leah Boedigheimer

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