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NH overhauled insurance website on deadline day

New Hampshire introduced a new website to help educate shoppers and attract consumers on the deadline to apply for coverage, assisting the state boost its enrollment numbers, according to The Associated Press. The site,, launched in an effort to guide the state's residents toward policies best suited to meet their needs, AP reported, although customers aren't able to sign up for coverage through the portal. 

Karen Hicks, leader of the state's new website, said part of the reason the overhaul was designed was to increase visibility of available plan options for residents.

"One of the things we learned ... is that people have very high general awareness of the Affordable Care Act but very low awareness of who is helped through it and who is eligible for assistance," said Hicks to the AP.

Since the implementation of the new customer education portal, the number of enrollees in the state have risen, with many being directed to the federal government's insurance site after gathering information through the education site beforehand.

The state originally received a $5 million grant after Republicans opted to use the federal exchange site,, but barred any federal money coming into the state. Now, money from that grant is going toward salaries for employees at help centers who have helped residents throughout the state navigate the site. 

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Carolyn Wonders

Carolyn Wonders

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