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30 Ways to Spring into Well-Being

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Spring is a time when life seems to reenergize. Green leaves and colorful flowers again emerge with the longer daylight hours and warmer temperatures. We get the urge to go outside and indulge in nature. This is a wonderful opportunity to expand our chances to move our bodies, fill our senses and reconnect with people, places and activities we enjoy. To help inspire you, we created 30 Ways to Spring into Well-Being. This downloadable flyer provides suggestions to boost your health and happiness in a variety of aspects:

  • Physically – be active
  • Intellectually – keep learning
  • Emotionally – take notice
  • Socially – connect
  • Spiritually – find your purpose

You’ll find that you can accomplish a lot to improve your health and well-being with small wellness goals each day. The vitality of the Spring season can be a tremendous motivator for you to make incremental changes toward fitness and flexibility, better nutrition, mindfulness and overall physical and mental health.

Download the 30 Ways to Spring into Well-being PDF. Work toward completing one or more of the suggested activities every day. Over the course of the season, see if you can put a check next to all of them and notice the difference you feel. And share this with your family, friends and colleagues, too!

April 7, 2021 was World Health Day, an annual observance to promote a fairer, healthier world. Reaching that ambitious goal begins with each of us taking responsibility for our own health. We are fortunate in the United States that most of us have access to the good medical care and nutrition that are not available in other areas of the world. And we must recognize that, even in our own country, there are many inequities in the delivery of care and food insecurity affects millions here. The healthier we keep ourselves through positive, sustainable lifestyles, the better we will be able to make a difference for people who don’t have our advantages.

We hope you and the people around you benefit from these ideas. Remember that small changes add up to significant improvements in the way you feel and the way you connect to the world around you. Spring into action today!


30 ways to spring into well-being


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Erin Woulfe

Erin Woulfe

Erin Woulfe likes to write about things that matter. Keeping her finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the public sector world, she blogs about the latest legislative news and employee benefit trends that affect our school, city and county clients. She’s been with NIS since 2002. “I love connecting to our clients and providing them with the tools they need in order to administrate their plan,” says Erin. “Whether that be materials to educate their employees on certain benefits, how to effectively communicate change within an organization, or providing tips and how-to’s to help them make their job easier.”