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Employee Benefit News for School, City and County Employers

Steve Ott

Steve Ott is a licensed insurance agent and Registered Representative with Series 6 and 63 securities licenses. He values hard work and determination – traits he learned while growing up on a farm in central Nebraska and later from participating in collegiate sports. Living life with integrity, doing the right thing, and giving back are core principles instilled by his parents and several mentors. Because of these learned values and his work ethic, Steve quickly rose to his current position, Regional Vice President, after starting with National Insurance Services in 1996 as an Account Representative. Steve specializes in Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Special Pay Plans (SPP) , HRAs, and 403(b)s for school districts, cities, and counties in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and South Dakota.

Recent Articles by Steve Ott

Dependent Coverage Rules

1 minute read

Many school, city, and county employers offer health insurance coverage to their employees as well as their dependent children. Here is an overview of the Affordable Care Act rules...

Pay or Play Penalties Increase for 2021

1.5 minute read

The IRS updated the frequently asked questions on the pay or play penalties to include the increased penalty amounts for the 2021 calendar year. The pay or play rules, also...

New Guidance About FFCRA Paid Leave

1 minute read

The Department of Labor (DOL) has issued frequently asked questions that address how employees should be counted under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA). The FFCRA...


The Facts About Contributory Life Insurance and Imputed Income

2.5 minute read

Most school, city and county employers are familiar with the imputed income rules when it relates to group term life insurance. Employers can provide their employees with up to...


2019 Vision Insurance Trends for Public Sector Employers

1.5 minute read

Taking care of your health also means taking care of your eyes. That’s what a teacher from a Nebraska school district discovered when her optometrist found something unusual during...

Why Implement a Benefit Administration System?

2 minute read

HR World estimated that HR departments spend roughly 80 percent of their time managing paperwork and handling administrative tasks, mainly caused by insurance enrollment.1 More and...


For Every $1 Invested in this Benefit*, You Could See a $1.45 ROI on Your Healthcare Costs

What if you could offer your employees a free service that would help you reduce your healthcare claims and help them detect disease early, when it’s more treatable and less costly? In fact, a...


Trend: Moving from Sick Leave Plans to Short-Term Disability. What You Need to Know Now

Many public-sector organizations are exploring the opportunity to reduce or eliminate their sick leave plan/banks and implement a short-term disability (STD) plan instead.


House File 291: Iowa’s New Bargaining Rights Law

IOWA – Friday, March 3, Governor Terry Branstad signed House File 291 into law. Iowa’s new bargaining rights law changes the Iowa Public Employment Relations Act, often called Iowa’s collective...