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Employee Benefit News for School, City and County Employers

Jason Rushton

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Jason Rushton’s personal philosophy is to improve himself daily - as a father, basketball coach, and benefits consultant. He is one of those rare, down-to-earth people who is honest, hard-working, and loyal. Jason’s customers aren’t just clients to him but rather long-term partners. Jason has been providing full benefits consulting in Michigan since 2009. He has worked with several local Michigan unions on their collective bargaining process including mediation, negotiations, writing contract language, and more. He has completed the MSBO Leadership Institute program, been a featured speaker at the MSBO and MASA conferences and has been on several panel discussions about the Affordable Care Act. Jason is a licensed life and health insurance agent. He provides full benefit consulting for schools, cities, and counties in Michigan, Ohio, and North Carolina.

Recent Articles by Jason Rushton

ACA Affordability Contribution Percentages Decrease for 2020

1 minute read

The IRS recently announced that the contribution percentages used to determine affordability for an employer’s health plan under the Affordable Care Act will decrease. For plan years...


Will roadwork trump Michigan public school kids?

4 minute read

As Michigan school districts work towards submitting their initial 2019-20 budgets for approval at the end of the fiscal year, a battle looms between Michigan’s House and the...

Trending: Creating 3-5 Year Strategic Plans for Public Sector Health Benefits

3 minute read

With the average health insurance increase around 4-6%, schools, counties, and other governmental employers are continually looking for ways to contain their costs. Traditionally,...

Business Relationships Help Schools Fund Projects

1 minute read

Many school districts don’t have the funding for all the projects they’d like to complete in a given year. Whether it may be uniforms, books, or a new scoreboard, some items may be...

[Deadline] Medicare Part D Disclosures

If your employer-sponsored group health plan provides prescription drug coverage to individuals who are eligible for coverage under Medicare Part D, you are subject to Medicare Part D disclosure...

Before You Change Your Voluntary Worksite Carrier: Read This!

Today, many public sector organizations such as schools, cities, and counties offer voluntary worksite benefits like accident, hospital indemnity, critical illness, cancer, etc. Employees highly...

Why Your Health Insurance Renewal Should Never be a Surprise

There are good surprises – finding $5 in your jeans, winning the lottery, and hearing from an old friend. And then there are bad surprises – breaking your leg, getting into a fender bender, and...

3 Tips for Developing Your Open Enrollment Strategy

Due to our changing healthcare climate this year (with ACA and AHCA), this year’s open enrollment strategy needs to be different. Here are three tips for developing your strategy.

School District Finance: Shopping Stop Loss Carriers and Changing Deductibles on Self-Funded Plans

4 Innovations that are Improving Self-Funded Health Plans

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Self-Funding Series: Managing School District Consumerism & Wellness

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