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Employee Benefit News for School, City and County Employers

Brock Buckellew

Brock Buckellew believes in giving back to his community. He volunteers at several charities as well as serving his local clients with their employee benefit needs. Brock enjoys providing resources and solutions as well as establishing long lasting relationships. As Account Manager for National Insurance Services, Brock works with schools, cities, and counties in the Midwest Region on their health insurance, wellness plans, benefit communication, and retirement incentives. Brock has a background in employee benefit consulting and is a licensed insurance agent.

Recent Articles by Brock Buckellew

Americans Spend Little Time Choosing a Health Plan During Open Enrollment

1 minute read

The Consumer Engagement in Health Care Survey has revealed that many Americans don’t closely review their health care options when making their selection during open enrollment.

White House Unveils Plan to Reduce Medical Debt

1.5 minute read

With Americans facing rising inflation and some of the highest price increases in four decades, the White House announced new steps to protect consumers and reduce the burden of...

FDA Advisory Panel Endorses Low-dose COVID-19 Vaccine for Children

.5 minute read

A panel of vaccine experts endorsed a low-dose Pfizer vaccine shot for children ages 5-11. Next, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) must decide if they agree with the endorsement.

Premium Surcharges and Incentives for Vaccination Status

1 minute read

With the FDA’s full approval to the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, many employers are evaluating their options regarding vaccination status within their workforce, including incentives or...

Pfizer Vaccine Approved by FDA

1 minute read

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave full approval to the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine. It is the first full approval of a coronavirus vaccine. The other vaccines are still...


PCORI Fees Due August 2, 2021

.5 minute read

The Affordable Care Act requires health insurance issuers and self-insured plan sponsors to pay Patient-Centered Outcome Research Institute fees (PCORI fees). The fees are reported and...

Updated Q&As on COVID-19 and FMLA

1 minute read

The Department of Labor (DOL) has updated its “COVID-19 and the Family and Medical Leave Act Questions and Answers” webpage. It has been reoriented to be geared towards employees...

Guidance for 2020 Employer Retention Credit

1.5 minute read

The Internal Revenue Service has issued guidance for employers claiming the 2020 employer retention tax credit. The tax credit is part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic...

2021 Wellness Trends

3 minute read

Before the pandemic, many employers were making a shift to the way they implemented and viewed their wellness initiatives. Some ideas included beefing up their mental health offerings...


2021 Employee Benefit Plan Limits

1 minute read

Some employee benefits are subject to annual dollar limits which are periodically updated for inflation by the IRS. Although many limits will remain the same for 2021, the following...